Brand Value Alignment through Dual Career (BRAVA)

The primary focus of BRAVA-DC (BRAnd Value Alignment through Dual Career) is on enhancing the European workplace environment so the circumstances and challenges of dual career (DC) athletes and coaches can be recognised and effectively accommodated. The ethos of the corporate sector and how the brand and values they promote benefit from and align with dual career is integral. BRAVA-DC will benefit all European dual career employees.

The project aims are:
1) to structure an evidence and eminence knowledge base on DC employee athletes, and
2) to define and enable (i.e. feasible to implement) new European guidelines which support DC in the workplace and which facilitate appropriate brand alignment strategies and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies which value DC.

Accordingly, the project will operationalise further the EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes (European Commission, 2012) which recognise the challenges of a concomitant education or employment commitment. Accessible, enabled, evidence and stakeholder informed DC workplace guidelines do not currently exist. The project aims will be achieved through a collaboration of multi-disciplinary academic, DC, and corporate sector experts. Evidence and eminence based knowledge synthesis techniques and technologies will be used and the input of key stakeholders (employee-athletes and coaches and their employers) will be integral to the provision of relevant and enabled outcomes.

BRAVA-DC will produce the following new and impactful outcomes:
state-of-the-art on working experiences, perceptions, opinions and needs of DC employee-athletes and coaches;
brand alignment strategies/CSR policies in DC (Publication-The Evidence);
a European conceptual framework illustrating relevant DC workplace factors and factor structures (Publication-The Eminence);
European DC workplace guidelines for DC support, brand alignment strategies and CSR policies;
scientific manuscript providing project summary, impact analysis and conclusions

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, through the Sport Collaborative Partnerships.

BRAVA is coordinated by the University of Limerick, and the partner consortium also consists of the European Athlete as Student - EAS (MLT), European Platform for Sports and Innovation - EPSI (BEL), EUSA Institute (SLO), Foundation Human Age Institute (ITA), University of Ljubljana (SLO), Roma Tre University (ITA), Elite Sports Academy Aarhus - ESAA (DEN), University of Nis, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education (SRB).


University of Limerick European Athlete as Student (EAS) European Platform for Sports and Innovation (EPSI) EUSA Institute Foundation Human Age Institute University of Ljubljana University of Roma Tre Elite Sports Academy Aarhus (ESAA) University of Nis, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education Co-funded by Erasmus+ Programe of the European Union