BRAVA partners continue the research phase

The Brand Value Alignment through Dual Career (BRAVA) project aims to enhance the workplace environment for dual career athletes and coaches, in order for their skills to be recognised and effectively accommodated. As part of the project, additional research on the topic is being coordinated by the university partners of this Erasmus+ project.

Participants of the online meeting in September

Project partners met online on September 19, presenting an overview of the project research, focusing on the finalisation of this phase. So far, an overview of scientific literature has been made, interviews with employees-sportspersons and focus groups with corporate social responsibility and human resources managers have been carried out. As a result, 50 key factors have been set in forms of statements. Currently, dual career experts are being invited to cluster these statements, and evaluate their importance and feasibility.

BRAVA workshops presentation

The meeting was held ahead of the Dual Career conference, to be held in Cartagena, Spain end of the month, where the research will be presented, and participants invited to contribute. The result of the research will be used in preparation of brand alignment strategies and Corporate Social Responsibility policies. The project consortium will produce publications, guidelines and strategies on working experiences, perceptions, opinions and needs of dual career employee-athletes and coaches, supporting the implementation of EU dual career strategies.